Decrease Practice Costs and Increase Patient Satisfaction

SimpleSelect allows patients to borrow with confidence.
Our “gotcha-free” loan platform helps patients make easier and smarter financial choices.


SimpleSelect does not offer financially dangerous “promotional” loan offers. SimpleSelect is not a credit card. Our interest rates are fixed and never change. Patients with 0% loans do not pay interest…EVER! 


By clearly disclosing to the patient their exact payment options, more patients choose loans that are far less costly to the practice.  This can reduce fees to the practice by 30% or more!

Patient Financing | Provider Benefits

Straightforward and simple financing process.

  • Simple credit application.
  • Approvals in minutes.
  • Fixed, competitive rates.
  • Best 0% offer available.
  • Higher approval limits.

Quick, Simple Process

We constantly receive compliments on how easy the application system is to use and your staff will feel the same.  Credit decisions are given within minutes and loan documents can be completed electronically.

Better Conversions

Our credit approvals can only be used in your office, and because we are approving patients for a single purchase, not an open credit line, they have a better chance of getting the full amount of patient financing they need creating much higher conversion rates.

Lower Fees

Using SimpleSelect Patient Finance, your practice will experience the same ease of use, approval rates, and credit promotions as a medical credit card program but with 10-40% reduction in provider fees. NO ANNUAL FEES, NO MONTHLY FEES, NO APPLICATION FEES.

Increased Compliance

Medical credit cards make it difficult for providers to remain in compliance and may make the provider responsible for properly disclosing certain terms and conditions to the patient.  SimpleSelect loans provides patients with clear TILA disclosers.


When compared to medical credit card programs


SimpleSelect offers the same ease of use that medical credit cards do. Applications and loan documents are executed electronically and credit decisions come within minutes.  No hardware required.


Medical credit cards have a default interest rate near 30%. SimpleSelect offers true 0% interest loans no default rates, protecting your patients from variable interest rates that can be financially damaging.  


When offering a closed-end, fixed-rate loan with a reasonable interest rate, your practice will not need to offer as many costly 0% promotional programs.  This can save a practice 60% or more in fees.

Patient Financing | Provider Benefits

Other Provider Benefits

Fast, Upfront Funding Times

Providers are generally funded the full amount of the loan (less any transaction fees) upfront within a 24 hour period via ACH.

The Financing Can Only Be Used In Your Office

Medical credit card programs generally allow the patient to be able to use their credit line at any other approved providers.  So a patient could seek financing in your office, get approved, and then use that financing at a competitor.  With SimpleSelect, the patient financing can only be used in your office.

Increased Cost Control

With SimpleSelect you can pick and choose which promotional programs you will offer and when.  This allows you to better monitor the fees associated with offering them.

Non Recourse to Provider

The SimpleSelect Patient Finance program is non recourse to the provider.

No Commitments

There are no term, volume, or exclusive commitments. There are no fees to sign up and no monthly or annual fees.

Your Patients Put Their Trust in You.

Offer a patient finance option worthy of that trust

SimpleSelect offers providers and their patients many benefits over standard revolving or credit card based patient finance programs. Medical credit card programs are great for small, repeat transactions but are not well suited for large, one time purchases such as a cosmetic procedure.  Medical credit cards are loaded with fine print, excess charges, and high default interest rates (usually close to 30%).

By contrast, SimpleSelect offers a simple closed-end, fixed rate loan with terms up to 60 months. Because the rate is fixed, it can never change, making it smarter choice for financing larger ticket purchases.  And since we are underwriting the patient for a single purchase and not a credit line, we can typically approve patients for larger amounts than credit card based programs (up to $15,000 or more for qualified borrowers). Patients can pay off at any time with no penalty and the program uses simple interest so the earlier they pay off the loan, the less interest they will pay.

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