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A Smarter Way to Finance

Your Elective Medical Purchase

Borrow Smart

A simple, safe, and flexible patient finance option

Quick, Simple Process

From the application process to executing your loan documents, you will find that the SimpleSelect process is…well…SIMPLE!  Enjoy easy bill pay options as well as the best customer service team in the industry.

Fair credit evaluation

Unlike most programs that make credit decisions based solely on a credit score, SimpleSelect‘s application system uses trained underwriters to review those applications that other banks might turn down.

Safer, Fairer Loan

Unlike medical credit cards, SimpleSelect offers closed-end, fixed-rate loans.  No variable interest rates or changing loan terms that can be dangerous to your financial health.

No Application or Doc Fees

SimpleSelect keeps things simple. No application fees, No processing or documentation fees. You will have peace of mind knowing exactly what the financing will cost you.


When compared to medical credit card programs


SimpleSelect offers the same ease of use that medical credit cards do. As a patient, you can apply directly online with any computer, tablet, or smartphone by clicking the APPLY NOW link and entering your chosen provider’s 3 or 4 digit provider code.  You will receive your credit decision within minutes and you can sign your loan document electronically.


Medical credit cards typically have a default interest rate near 30%, making them dangerous borrowing methods for higher ticket transactions. With SimpleSelect, there are no default rates.  We only offer fixed rate loans so no surprises or variable interest rates to worry about.  See the example to the right for a side by side comparison of SimpleSelect’s Same as Cash offer compared to a medical credit card’s deferred interest offer.  


70% of Americans think there is more of a stigma surrounding credit card debt than any other type of debt.  A SimpleSelect loan is NOT A CREDIT CARD.  With a fair, fixed rate of simple interest, grace periods for late payments,  and personalized customer service, it is easy to see why a SimpleSelect loan is THE choice for patients who want to make smarter decisions when it comes to financing a larger ticket medical procedure or treatment plan.  


Patients Benefits

A Smarter, Safer Loan Option for Financing a Larger Ticket Medical Purchase.

SimpleSelect offers patients many benefits over medical credit card programs. If you are considering a large ticket ($1,000+) cosmetic procedure or surgery, a medical credit card may not be the best choice. These types of programs are full of fine print, excess charges, and high default interest rates (usually close to 30%). SimpleSelect Patient Finance offers a simple closed-end, fixed rate loan with terms up to 60 months. Using this type of loan product, your interest rate is locked in and so is your monthly payment. You can pay off at any time with no penalty and any interest you are charged is simple interest so the earlier you pay off the loan, the less interest you will pay. Our program is SIMPLE, FAIR, and FLEXIBLE.

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