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SimpleSelect Patient Finance® offers fixed rate installment loans for elective medical procedures or treatment plans costing $1,500 or more.  SimpleSelect has designed its programs to work for patients with great credit as well as those that have less than perfect credit.

a better loan option

When choosing to finance an expensive elective medical purchase, patient can make smarter borrowing decisions by using a fixed rate installment loan as opposed to a high default rate credit card. With an installment loan, terms are locked in and rates cannot increase unlike a credit card. Installment debt is generally better for your credit rating than credit card debt and credit cards generally have zero grace periods for late payments.

simple and safe patient financing

how SimpleSelect is different

SimpleSelect is the best loan a patient can get in the industry. Easy to understand and financially safe.

  • Not a credit card.
  • No pre-payment penalties.
  • Multiple loan options to fit your budget.
  • No interest options available*

*No interest options vary by provider and not all providers offer these options

how it works

Patients can apply online in seconds and sign their loan document from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Once documents are signed and submitted, the practice is funded in as little as 24 hrs via ACH and the patients first payment is due in approximately 30 days.


available loan options

SimpleSelect Standard™

Designed for the budget conscious patient who wants a low, fixed monthly payment at a fair interest rate. Our standard loans provide peace of mind because the rate and monthly payment is locked in and will never change.

  • 14.99% APR* on all approved applications regardless of credit.
  • Loan terms up to 60 months.**

SimpleSelect Zero™

SimpleSelect Zero™ loans are written at a 0% annual percentage rate and have no default rate so the patient will never pay any interest…EVER!

  • 0% APR* on all approved applications regardless of credit.
  • Loan terms are set at 6 or 12, 18, or 24 months depending on the provider.**
  • No origination fee or pre-payment penalty.

SimpleSelect Flex No Interest™

SimpleSelect Flex No Interest loans provide the flexible low minimum monthly payments of our standard loan with the ability to pay off the loan early without interest charges. SimpleSelect Flex promotions are for periods of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. Unlike with the Zero loan, Flex loans will have interest charges if the loan is not paid off within the promotional period.

  • Promotional terms may vary depending on the provider.
  • No origination fee or pre-payment penalty.

*APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate.
**Term lengths may vary by provider.

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