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What is SimpleSelect Patient Finance®?

SimpleSelect is a non-recourse, bank funded patient financing program that is available to providers in all 50 US States.

How is SimpleSelect different from other patient finance programs?

SimpleSelect is NOT A CREDIT CARD, but rather a closed-end, fixed-rate installment loan similar to what you would use to finance a car or a house. Medical credit cards are dangerous for patients and a big part of SimpleSelect’s mission is to help providers offer their patients a safer, fairer financing option without sacrificing the ease of use and low provider cost attributed to medical credit card programs.


Why would I offer SimpleSelect to my patients?

Providers choose SimpleSelect as a way of decreasing costs, maximizing conversions, and increasing financial compliance, all while grealty increasing the level of service to their patients.

If a patient is considering financing a larger ticket ($1,000+) elective medical purchase, a medical credit card may not be the best choice. They are designed for small, repeat purchases, not as a longer term borrowing solution.  Typically, medical credit cards do not have grace periods for late payments, greatly increasing the chance of patient default, and with default interest rates usually near 30%, patients are increase their financial risk when they use them.

Does SimpleSelect offer promotions to avoid interest charges like a medical credit card?

SimpleSelect offers 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 month Same as Cash promotional programs.  Providers can choose which promotional options they wish to offer patients. With Same as Cash, interest is already built into each minimum payment that the patient makes. However, if the patient pays off the principal balance prior to the end of the promotional period, all payments are credited towards principal and the loan is closed without any interest charges.  Same as Cash is a much safer promotional program for the patient compared to Deferred Interest.  See our comparison chart for more details and view our complete Sample Same as Cash Disclosures by clicking here.

What does SimpleSelect cost the provider?

Provider fees are 10-30% less expensive with SimpleSelect than other major patient finance programs.  There is no cost to enroll your practice.

What are your approval rates like?

While SimpleSelect Patient Finance® is NOT A SECOND-LOOK FINANCING PROGRAM, we do utilize a unique process for maximizing the effectiveness of our approval rates. SimpleSelect is closed-end, fixed rate loan, not a credit card, so we are reviewing the application for one specific purchase, not for an open credit line. This enables us to be more open-minded during the credit decision process.

SimpleSelect utilizes a computerized decision model, much like other patient finance programs, to approve applications with good or prime credit. But unlike other programs, we manually review those “on-the-fence” or average and near-prime applications. Like you, we want to see the patient approved and a manual underwriting process gives us a better ability to do just that. The process is fast, with most manual reviewed decisions being made in less than a few minutes.

What are your approval rates like?
How do patients apply?

Patients can apply directly on any computer, tablet, or smartphone by clicking an Apply Now link at and entering your 3 or four digit provider code that we give your practice when you enroll.  Providers can also place a SimpleSelect Apply Now button embedded with an identifier link on their website.  By doing so, patients will be taken into your practice’s application without needing to enter the code. Learn More.

Providers can also submit applications on behalf of patients through the Provider Dashboard using the login credentials we supply your practice when you enroll.

How does the patient sign their loan documents?

Every aspect of the SimpleSelect application and loan signing process has been built for ease of use.  We understand that not all providers operate the same way, so we created multiple ways for patients to sign their loan documents.

If the patient is in your office, you can select the In-Office Electronic Signature option from your provider dashboard and the patient can sign the documents using a computer mouse/trackpad, or with their finger on any tablet.   You may instead choose to print paper documents for the patient to sign.  Once executed, you may scan them and use the “Upload Documents” feature from the provider dashboard to submit them for funding (documents can also be emailed or faxed).

If the patient is NOT in your office, then use the Out-of-Office Electronic Signature option and our system will email the documents to the patient for secure signature.

How long does it take for our office to get paid?

SimpleSelect funding times are very fast, with most fundings occurring within 24 hours.  If you submit loan documents to us prior to 3pm Monday through Friday, you will be funded the next business day.  If documents are submitted after 3pm, they are processed the following business day and funded the day after that.

How do we enroll our practice?

The enrollment process is…you guessed it…SIMPLE!  Just visit the Enroll Your Practice section of our website, upload a copy of your practice’s liability or malpractice insurance and complete the online Provider Application.  Once submitted, we will review your application and generally approve your practice within 2-5 business days.  Upon approval, you will be sent the provider agreement via email for easy electronic signature and processing.

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