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SimpleSelect provide many patient benefits over other leading patient finance options.  Our “gotcha-free” loan options have no default interest rates, no origination fees, and no variable APR’s.

When you apply for a SimpleSelect loan you can feel confident that you are getting the safest loan in the industry.  Read about more patient benefits below. 

Patient Financing | Patient Benefits

budget friendly

SimpleSelect offers two simple loan options that work for both patients on a budget, and those patients looking for the best 0% interest offers.  SimpleSelect patients know their exact payment BEFORE they apply with no surprises when they receive their loan documents. No default interest rates, no origination fees, no variable interest rates.  Just simple and striaghtforward.


SimpleSelect does not offer financially dangerous “promotional” loan offers. SimpleSelect is not a credit card. Our interest rates are fixed and never change. Patients with 0% loans do not pay interest…EVER!

other patient benefits

SimpleSelect loans are simple interest and have no prepayment penalties.  Payments can be made by mail, over the phone, or online and we offer grace periods for late payments unlike a credit card.

the simpleSelect difference

simple process

Patients can apply for SimpleSelect in their providers office or at home on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.  The application and credit decision process takes a few minutes and loan documents can be signed electronically or via paper docs. 

financially safe loan terms

SimpleSelect’s two loan offers both are free of origination fees and default interest rates.  SimpleSelect loan’s are closed-end, retail-installment loans (much like a car loan) so the interest rate and term are set and cannot increase.

save thousands in potential penalty interest

Medical credit cards have a default interest rate near 30%. SimpleSelect offers true 0% interest loans with no default rate, potentially saving patients thousands in penalty interest.

Patient Financing | Patient Benefits

the simple and smart patient financing option

SimpleSelect loan is THE choice for patients who want to make smarter decisions when it comes to financing a larger ticket medical procedure or treatment plan

SimpleSelect offers patients many benefits over medical credit card programs as well as most other patient finance programs. If you are considering a large ticket ($1,000+) cosmetic procedure or surgery, a medical credit card may not be the best choice. These types of programs are full of fine print, excess charges, and high default interest rates (usually close to 30%).  They are fine for small repeat purchases, but not a large ticket borrowing solution.

SimpleSelect Patient Finance offers a simple closed-end, fixed rate loan with terms up to 60 months. Using this type of loan product, your interest rate is locked in and so is your monthly payment. You can pay off at any time with no penalty and any interest you are charged is simple interest so the earlier you pay off the loan, the less interest you will pay. Our program is SIMPLE, FAIR, and FLEXIBLE.

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