SimpleSelect sees regenerative medicine as a great market for expansion.

Charleston, SC – August 10, 2017.  When choosing between non-surgical and surgical treatment options for pain management or sports related injuries, many patients try a less invasive, non-surgical treatment before electing to undergo surgery.  Given the potential complications, recovery time, and the associated costs, surgery is often a last resort.  As non-surgical treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy have begun to grow in popularity and in availability, patients are presented with a wider array of options but some of those options may be out of reach.  While insurance covers orthopedic surgeries in many cases, insurance rarely covers PRP or stem cell injections.  With costs often in the thousands for a round of PRP or stem cell treatment, patients are struggling to pay upfront for a treatment that can potentially keep them off the operating table.

Recognizing both the opportunity and need for a simple and safe payment option for regenerative medicine, SimpleSelect has begun regenerative medicine financing and has partnered with doctors providing non-surgical PRP and stem cell treatments.  Patient can now finance their treatment over 6-36 months with approved SimpleSelect providers.  Patients will have the option to apply online or in the doctor’s office, with 0% interest options available with participating providers.  Doctors will have the ability to offer a payment option besides cash or credit if insurance isn’t available, providing patients with greater access to more treatments.

Having more treatments options to choose from can only beneficial if those treatments are accessible to the patient.  Making treatment more affordable with easy-to-use finance options is one way to increase accessibility for budget conscious patients seeking non-surgical pain relief.

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