Orthodontists can now offer the program to patients as a safe and fair alternative to a medical credit card.

Charleston, SC – May 12th, 2014. East Bridge Funding (East Bridge) has announced that SImpleSelect Patient Finance will now include orthodontics. The program is already available for cosmetic surgery, LASIK, hearing aides, dental, and veterinary procedures. SimpleSelect will help orthodontists better serve their patients by offering a closed-end, fixed-interest installment loan program as opposed to an open-end, high-interest medical credit card. The program is available now to orthodontics providers within the United States including Hawaii and Alaska.

“When we started offering the SimpleSelect program, we did not include orthodontics. We felt we needed to better educate ourselves about that particular industry” said Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director at East Bridge Funding, the company that owns the SimpleSelect. “Financing a treatment plan for braces is different than financing a face lift or liposuction. Orthodontic services can take years to fully deliver and we wanted to make sure our loan program would work for that type of purchase. After talking to orthodontists and their staffs, what we learned is that SimpleSelect is well positioned to help providers better serve their patients because of the time commitment associated with orthodontic work. A closed-end installment loan is a better loan product for financing an expensive treatment plan than a medical credit card.”

Daniel went on to further explain that medical credit card programs have recently changed the way they fund providers in the orthodontia space and it has caused a large increase in demand for alternative options. “A program like SimpleSelect is not only a safer and fairer loan product for the patient, but providers will see better funding arrangements, decreased financing costs, and it will allow them to increase the service level to their patients.”

About East Bridge Funding

East Bridge Funding, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina is a leading provider of consumer finance programs for retailers and service providers in the United States. East Bridge provides consumer financing solutions for all levels of credit and specializes in programs for jewelry, furniture, home improvement, and online retail. East Bridge is also active in the medical, funeral, and educational financing space. For more information visit www.EastBridgeFunding.com or contact Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director at 843-971-7541 or email [email protected].

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